6 reasons why dogs like squeaky toys

Chew toys are a dog’s best friend.

They’re with them all the time – when they eat, sleep, and everything else (just like our own dog shows us).

Eventually, even a squeaky toy that used to be annoying but is now torn and worn out, still gets love and attention from its dog friend every single day.

The squeaking sound might be annoying to us, but dogs absolutely love it.

Have you ever wondered why?

Why do all dogs like that squeaky sound so much?

Today, we want to explain this puzzle and help pet owners who are tired of hearing all those squeaks from their garden.

It turns out dogs love squeaky toys because of their natural instincts and how their brains work.

1. It’s all about a dog’s instincts

The main idea is that squeaky toys tap into a dog’s primal side.

Believe it or not, all dogs have a bit of wolf in them.

Wolves are known for their hunting skills in the wild, and dogs, being their descendants, carry some of those hunting instincts, though to different extents.

Luckily, our pet dogs have mostly moved past the actual hunting part.

But even the fluffiest Pomeranian or the most graceful poodle has a touch of that wild streak.

This instinct really shows up when they play with squeaky toys.

The squeak of the toy is very similar to the noises made by prey animals in distress or fear, resembling what a wolf’s prey might sound like during a hunt.

When a dog hears this sound, it triggers their inner hunter, making them think of the toy as a wounded animal, much like their ancestors would.

This also explains why a dog might lose interest in a toy once it stops squeaking.

In their minds, the “prey” is no longer alive, making the toy less exciting.

They then look for a new “prey” that seems more lively.

It’s a fascinating glimpse into the natural instincts of our furry friends!

2. It’s instantly gratifying to your dog

Putting animal instincts to one side, there’s another reason dogs go crazy for the squeak of their toys: it’s a real boost to their confidence.

Here’s why.

To make a toy squeak, a dog needs to bite down on it just right, with enough force and precision.

When they hear that delightful squeak, they know they’ve nailed it.

It’s like a pat on the back for them, confirming their strength and skill.

This not only makes them feel good but also encourages them to keep honing their biting skills.

This kind of play is great for keeping their jaws strong and their bites powerful, which is another big plus of these squeaky toys for your dog’s development.

You can see this effect in action by offering a little extra praise or a treat whenever they get their toy to squeak.

Dogs thrive on positive feedback from their owners.

Try showing them some love or giving them a special treat whenever they bite down on their chosen toy.

Soon, that toy will become their absolute favorite, and you’ll notice them choosing to play with it more often, eager to show off their squeaky success.

3. It’s mentally healthy for the dog

Holding back your dog’s natural instincts isn’t the best idea.

Sure, we all love well-behaved, neat little dogs in our city lives, and that’s perfectly fine.

But if we suppress their natural urges too much, they might end up expressing themselves in less-than-ideal ways later on.

And trust me, it can get messy.

Think of it like a pressure cooker; every now and then, your dog needs a safe way to let out some steam.

A squeaky toy can be the perfect solution for this.

It’s a safe and fun way for your dog to expend some of that built-up energy and instinctual drive without any harm done.

Plus, a chew toy can keep your dog busy when things are calm at home.

If they’re happily gnawing away on a toy in the yard, they’re less likely to turn their attention (and teeth) to household items like your couch or TV.

It’s a win-win: your dog gets to satisfy their chewing instincts, and your furniture stays intact.

4. It’s a way for them to clean their teeth

Just like us, dogs probably don’t enjoy having bits of dinner stuck in their teeth.

And it’s nice to think they’d appreciate a sparkling smile, healthy gums, and fresh breath just as much as we do.

Squeaky toys are more than just fun for dogs; they’re also a secret weapon for dental care.

Regular chewing on these toys helps get rid of leftover food and plaque, keeping their teeth and gums in tip-top shape.

Plus, there are chew toys out there made just for dental health, combining fun and function.

Your dog can have a blast while taking care of their teeth – how cool is that?

5. It’s a fun diversion

A squeaky toy might seem like just another plaything, but the sound it makes is something dogs absolutely love.

And that’s not all – it’s also pretty useful.

Chewing on these toys is great exercise for your dog and keeps them busy.

This can help lower their stress and anxiety levels, making them happier and more relaxed.

6. It garners our attention

Dogs are all about the social life and absolutely love getting attention from their favorite humans.

If they’re not getting noticed the usual way, they’ll turn to their trusty squeaky toy to grab your eye.

Even if all they get is a sigh or an eye-roll from us, it still counts as the precious attention they’re seeking.

Clifton Kopp

Clifton Kopp

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